Advantages of energy efficient pump

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Update time : 2022-01-21 14:40:41

Nowadays, more and more customers require energy efficient water pumps for water recycling in electric boilers, especially customers from EU countries. This is a mandatory requirement. So whats the advantages of energy efficient pumps compared with ordinary pump?



1. The electric pump meets the requirements of the latest ERP2015: EEI≤0.23-Part 2, and the minimum EET≤0.20 can be achieved.                            

2. Lower energy consumption: the full power operation is 45W, the minimum operating power consumption can reach 5W, and the use cost is greatly reduced.

3. The electric pump has an automatic adaptation mode AUTO (factory setting), without any adjustment, it can be started when it is powered on, and automatically adjusted to adapt to the actual needs of the system. PWM control can also be selected to match the system.

4. Low noise and high comfort: the operating noise of the electric pump can be as low as 38dB (A); the driver can be rectified (rectified), which is not affected by the fluctuation of the power supply, and the operation is more stable and reliable.

5. Multiple protections: The electric pump has its own overvoltage, under voltage, light load, overcurrent and other protections to prevent the risk of burning the machine during use.


Pls check below chart for more details.

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