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Update time : 2022-01-10 14:18:45

In the process of using electric hot water boilers, tartar is the main element that reflects the operating frequency and service life of the boiler. In order to ensure the safe and economical operation of electric hot water boilers, measures are required to stop the tartar liquidation. Follow the editor of electric boiler for radiant heat products to have a simple understanding!
1. Pickling and descaling method: Most of the pickling and descaling methods use phosphoric acid for cleaning. The pickling solution is composed of phosphoric acid plus corrosion inhibitor plus corrosion inhibitor. This kind of pickling liquid can eliminate the tartar in the boiler (when removing the aqua regia tartar, add hydrofluoric acid), but also seldom corrodes the gas hot water boiler.


2. Machine descaling method: When there is fluffy tartar and slag in the electric boiler furnace, after stopping the furnace, make the pig iron hot water boiler freeze, let go of the boiler water, and after developing with clean water, you can use a flat spatula, wire brush and The motorized pipe mill stops the descaling.
3. Alkaline boiling descaling method: Alkaline boiling descaling method is less effective than pickling descaling method. However, after alkali boiling, because the tartar is loose, it can also be used before pickling. Use alkaline cooking method to stop once to solve. The electric boiler alkaline cooking method is easy to operate, and the reaction is relatively small.
In summary, the editor of electric boiler for radiant heat products tells: a brief introduction to the knowledge of the tartar cleaning method of the electric boiler.

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