Electric Boiler System Manufacturers china introduces electric boiler power saving tips

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Update time : 2021-11-16 11:34:00

How much do you know about power saving tips for electric boilers? Follow the editor of Electric Boiler System Manufacturers china to have a simple look!

1.The power configuration of electric boilers should be reasonable. If the power configuration is too large or too small, it will not work, but if the power configuration is too large, there is no tipping power. If the power configuration is too small, the electric boiler has been working to reach the set temperature, but it never reaches the set temperature. This is because the heat that the electric boiler fills into the room is less than the heat loss of the room, and the room heats up slowly and inconspicuously, which wastes electricity and fails to achieve a comfortable heating effect.
2. Low temperature operation when people are absent. The electric boiler system is thermally inert, and it cannot immediately heat up when it is turned on, and it cannot be cooled down immediately when it is turned off. When people are not at home, turn down the temperature instead of shutting down the system, or turn off the electric boiler when they are not at home for a long time.




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