Electric boilers : What you need to know.

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Update time : 2022-10-08 18:01:59

To heat your home, buying an electric boiler is a smart, profitable and safe choice, as long as you turn to a high-performance appliance that meets your needs. To be safe, some elements must be taken into account before the purchase. Installation, maintenance, price … Here’s all you need to know before buying an electric boiler.


How do electric boilers work?

Electric boilers provide central heating and domestic hot water to properties without burning any fuel, such as oil and gas. they only use electricity, in a very similar way to a kettle. Electric boilers are often compact units that are easily installed and don't require a flue or condensate pipe as they don't produce any waste gases.


Advantages of an electric boiler?

For smaller homes that suit an electric boiler, there are many benefits.

Installations can be cheaper

They can be more energy efficient as no fuels are being burnt during operation (although they may be used to generate the electricity)

Compact in size & Quiet operation: Can be installed anywhere in the home.

Less maintenance: No need for gas safatey checks.

Reduced environmental impact: When using a renewable energy provider.

No risk of a carbon monoxide leak – this is a risk in faulty gas boilers if the gas is not burned completely due to a lack of oxygen and the resulting carbon monoxide escapes into your home.


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