Electrical Boiler With Anti Legionella Function

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Update time : 2023-01-03 11:47:13

Electrical Boiler With Anti Legionella Function 

Legionella is most commonly found in water. Research has shown that at 70°C legionella bacteria is killed in seconds, at 65°C over 90% of the bacteria is killed after two minutes

Therefore, the best option for preventing legionella formation is water temperature control. 

The electric boiler of JNOD is set to automatically increase the water temperature up to 65°C for 5 minutes once a week. 

This eliminates legionella bacteria and guarantees the healthiness of the water. 

If the device does not reach 65°C within this time period, JNOD's software can also ensure that the anti-legionella cycle is executed again after each power cycle.

In addition,
 For our patent heating element, the water tube and the heating tube are totally separated, so it is anti-corrosion, against the water scaleand will not promote or support the growth of microorganisms.

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