Get Ready For the Peak Sales Season of Electric Boilers?

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Update time : 2022-01-10 14:57:37

Winter in the northern hemisphere is coming soon, people will get the central heating systems installed before the cold season comes. Combined with our past sales experience, we know that the peak season for electric wall-hung boilers will start from September. So dear customers, are you ready?


Taking into account that new and old customers will purchase and replenish inventory for the peak sales season, JNOD will give the biggest discount this year. For more details, please follow our live stream on August 27 (22:00-24:00 Beijing time).



Many newly developed electric boilers will be displayed by then. You can directly see the real product display, selling point explanation, advantage presentation, and you can participate in on-site discount activities, very exciting.



See you then !

Here's the link of our live stream show:

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