How To Effectively Maintain A Electric Boiler System?

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Update time : 2022-01-10 13:35:39

As weather turns colder, it is time to consider your heating system and maintenance it requires. Boiler systems are known for their efficiency and reliability, but only under the premise of proper maintenance and operation . It's possible that some key maintaining tasks aren't completed, while your boiler system isn't operating as well as it could be. Take some time to learn following steps to make a real difference and keep your boiler operating effectively for much longer:



1, If there will be no person at home in a short period (within one week), please set the water temperature to be the lowest. Then the system will operate at lowest temperature.

2, If there will be no person at home for a long time, please drain away the water in all the pipes of the heating system.

3, Please remember:

---Don't use any abrasive material or detergent which may damage painted-metal.

---Don't use any chlorinated spray, solvent or detergent.

---Please use wet rag with liquid soap to clean the panel.

4, Please regularly check if the power connection is good, ground wire is reliably earthing.

5, Please regularly check if the pipeline is well connected without any leakage.

6, Maintenance must be operated by professional technician.

7, Power off before cleaning the equipment.

Boilers are one of the most effective home heating methods, and keep your home warm throughout the whole winter. Take good care of your boiler and you will enjoy the reliable heat provided by the system for more than ten years. As long as you ensure that these standard maintenance tasks are followed, you can minimize any repairs or problems encountered by the system. If you find a problem while inspecting the boiler, you need to call a technician for further investigation. JNOD will provide you with professional services and training.

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