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How to Reduce your Energy Bills While Using Electric Boilers

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Update time : 2022-06-16 13:56:26

more attention to the environmental and cost-savings, they can potentially make by changing their boilers, it's no wonder that electric heating boilers are rising in popularity. Here are several ways to reduce your energy bills while using JNOD electric heating boiler.


*Make sure your house has sufficient insulation

Heat produced by electric boiler is always escaping through the structures of our homes. Ensuring that your house is insulated correctly is the first step to saving on heating costs.


Lofts should be insulated as hot air rises, and most heat escapes in this direction. Older homes may not have an insulated loft or less than the recommended amount.


Windows and doors that are doubled glazed reduce the rate at which heat is lost and keep rooms warmer this in itself will help to reduce your energy bills.


*Set your thermostat between 18c and 21c

The ideal living room temperature for older people is 21c (70f). Once your room temperature begins to drop, the threat to comfort is more significant. Try to make sure that your main living room is kept at an ideal temperature between 18c and 21c while you are using it.


Set your timer to bring your heating on automatically in living rooms, about half an hour before you get up. When it is very cold, set your timer to turn on Jnods combi boiler/system boiler on earlier during the winter months and make sure that the bedroom is warmed before going to bed.


*Use heating efficiently

Avoid allowing rooms to get too hot while using electric boiler and adjust the heating controls if they do the higher the temperature, the higher the costs incurred. Dont open your windows to cool the room down, as this releases the heat too quickly.


Close your curtains in the evening and at night to reduce heat loss.


*Close the doors of the rooms you are not using

The only rooms you should be heating are those in use. If a few of your rooms are not being used, consider keeping the windows and doors closed to have regulated temperatures. The smaller the rooms are, the less heating you will need. That means your electric heating boiler will not need to work as hard. As a result, you save on electricity bills.

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