Introduction of Cheap Electric open vented boiler products: the heat transfer method of electric boilers!

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Electric boiler In an oil-fired boiler, combustion is the basis, and steam or hot water is the purpose. The two are connected by heat transfer. The process in which the heat generated by the combustion of oil in the furnace is transferred from the flame or flue gas to water, steam or air through the metal wall is called "heat transfer". Heat transfer is always carried out from a high-temperature object to a low-temperature object. The greater the temperature difference between the two objects, the faster the heat transfer rate, and the better the effect. There are three heat transfer methods: heat conduction, convection and radiation. Follow the editor of Cheap Electric open vented boiler products to have a simple look!
1. Heat conduction is the process in which heat is transferred from the high temperature part to the low temperature part in the same object or when two objects with different temperatures are in contact. For example: After the outer wall of the boiler water pipe is heated by the flue gas, the heat is quickly transferred to the inner wall, and then the boiler water is absorbed. The heat conduction performance of various objects in electric boilers is different. Objects that are good at heat conduction are called "good conductors of heat", such as metals such as copper, aluminum, and iron; objects that are not good at heat conduction are called "bad conductors of heat" or "insulations", such as scale, air, asbestos, etc.


2. Convection is a process in which liquid or gas relies on its own flow to achieve heat transfer. For example, an electric boiler uses hot water to shower. When the water rushes to the body, the body will feel the transfer of heat. In the boiler, as the hot water rises or the cold water falls, heat is transferred in the circulating flow, so that the temperature of all the boiler water gradually rises.
3. Radiation is a process in which high-temperature objects directly radiate heat to the low-temperature objects without contact or flow. For example, the heat of the sun is transmitted to the earth through radiation; in the furnace of the boiler, the flame temperature is very high, and the inner wall of the furnace is radiated to transfer heat. The effect of radiation heat transfer is proportional to the fourth power of the heat source temperature.
The above is the introduction of the editor of Cheap Electric open vented boiler products: an introduction to the heat transfer method of electric boilers.

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