JNOD BQ series - Perfect for the modern apartment.

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Update time : 2022-03-25 15:57:12

In recent times we have seen an increased interest from the public in moving to electric heating in a bid to move towards a greener planet.

As a result of this increased interest, with that comes an increased amount of questions surrounding the change from gas to electric heating.A common one we receive is which electric boiler is which solution we would recommend for when space is at a premium?

JNOD BQ series Electric Boiler is a electric boiler that is perfect for the modern apartment.

Owing to electric boilers not using a flue system, it means that they can be installed wherever you want!

The boiler uses standard pipe-work, conventional wet system radiators and thermostatic radiator valves which means it takes the same time to heat your property as a gas fired central system would. JNOD BQ series is near 100% efficient with our unique tech to reduce energy loss, meaning for every 1KW of energy you pay for, you will receive 1KW of heat.

JNOD BQ series has a versatile range of capacities from 5.5kW to 20kW and therefore is adaptable to the size of a Modular Home being built and the insulation levels of the Modular Home. JNOD BQ series can be used for Heating, Hot Water or both at the same time. JNOD BQ series electric boiler is high efficient, silent in operation, easy to fit which means it is suitable for a Modular Home’s heating requirement.

JNOD BQ series is also less likely to need maintenance/repairs in comparison to a gas boiler as there aren’t as many mechanical parts. This means they’re easier (and cheaper) to install!

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