JNOD new electric boiler ----BO series

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Update time : 2022-01-10 16:08:50

JNOD new electric boiler,BO series is the system boiler,.it's equipped with the built-in circulation pump and the expansion vessel.We can make the power from 5KW to 26KW.It’s with one heating system,underfloor heating mode and radiators mode at optional.



For the underfloor heating mode, the outlet water temperature could be set from 30-60C, the default set temperature is 55C. For the radiator heating mode, the outlet water temperature could be set from 30-80C, the default set temperature is 55C.

And it can be co-operated with a DHW buffer tank or cylinder to provide hot water supply function.


We use the touch operation panel and LED display for BO series,it’s very easy to operation.

Please contact us If you want to know more information about how to operate.


Now let me introduce the main parts inside the boiler.


This is heating element, it’s within Jnod Electric Boilers are designed to anti-corrosion, against water scale.Because the The water circuit and the electric circuit totally separated,no any touch.Besides this, It is one cast piece of the whole heating element, so it also anti water leakage. The heating efficiency is higher than 98% and the life is longer than 8 years.



This is PCB board of Traic,it can keep the power stable by control power instantly.The biggest advantage of Traic is precise control, infinite speed regulation, which can quickly adjust power according to temperature changes. This can achieve the effect of energy saving and power saving.


All our electric boiler can be coupled with electric water heater,solid fuel boiler/solar system,oil or gas heating system and etc.

This arrangement ensure low operating cost while maintaining high comfort of use.


BO series is our economic model,the price is competitive.

So if you want to get the price and more information,please do not hesitate to contact us.

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