JNOD online trade show on June 24th

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Update time : 2022-01-10 16:02:20

Customers’ trust and support are our motivation to maintain passion. We’ve got so many positive interaction and feedback from customers during last online tradeshow, while we also heard some different voice from some customers that they want electric heating boilers with competitive price.

So today we are going to introduce one of our newly developed system boiler—BO series. It's equipped with the built-in circulation pump and the expansion vessel. Power ranges from 5KW to 26KW. It’s with one heating system, underfloor heating mode and radiators mode are optional. And it can be co-operated with a DHW buffer tank or cylinder for hot water supply function. We use touch operation panel and LED display for BO series, it’s very easy to operate.

We will have another online trade show on June 24th from 17:00—19:00pm Beijing time, large coupons and big discount will be offered during the live stream. Welcome to join us. See you then.


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