JNOD's new touch screen boiler---coming soon

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Update time : 2022-01-10 15:04:01

Hello, Everyone, I will introduce you a new boiler of JNOD: touch screen boiler--BX model, this is a star boiler that JNOD will launch soon.


About our Touch Screen Boiler Controls

The system used advanced technology and offer an LED touch screen display which contains easy-to-understand explanations detailing all control settings, as well as help screens with comprehensive diagnostics and trouble shooting information.


Smart, functional control:

User-friendly graphic display.

7-inch LED Touch-sensitive screen.

Process data saves on memory card.

Back lit with clear contrast.

WIFI control by connecting with the room thermostator APP.



Why you need our Touch Screen Boiler Controls?


Simple to operate with simply and easy operation menus, graphics and symbols

Reduces operator errors:

Protective functions and settings eliminate the possibility of mistakes, minimising risk and ensuring safety

Fully programmable:

Controls and regulating functions are displayed allowing actual and set point values to be shown or changed.



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