Mini electrical heating boiler--BQ

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Update time : 2022-01-10 15:56:19

JNOD mini electric boilers--BQ is ideal for all hydronic heating needs in single-family homes and condominiums. A smaller, Compact design. Ultra-silent. The focus of this new design is easy to install on a wall. which can be installed anywhere.



Its design gives it excellent efficiency close to 100% and quiet operation.

In addition to its silence, For our patent heating element, the water tube and the heating tube are totally separated, so it anti-corrosion, against water scale. It is one cast piece of the whole heating element, so it anti water leakage also.



All of these features add up to a boiler that is easier to use and install, which in turn saves you money.



*Size : 540*248*122mm

*Open-Vented type.

*The circulation pump and expansion vessel need to be external equipped.

*WIFI control by connecting with the room thermostat APP.

*Can connect with the indirect water heater or buffer tanks for domestic hot water.

*Unique patent Heating Element, high heating efficiency.

*Touch key, LED display.

*Double dry-heating protection function.

*Automatic anti-freezing function.

*Fault auto-detection technique.

*Ultra low noise working.


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