The difference between JNOD electric heating boiler

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Update time : 2022-01-10 15:40:41

For our JNOD, we have different kinds of wall mounted electric boiler, including open vented boiler, system boiler and combi boiler. Now lets introduce the difference between them.

Electric open vented boilers, work like all heating boilers-- and electric boiler heats the water, which is then circulated via the flow and the return pipework to either radiators or an underfloor heating system. It needs to be equipped with an external circulation pump and water tank. As there is no circulation pump and expansion vessel inside the boiler, so the product size is small.



We have two series open vented boiler, one is BC series, the power is from 5KW to 26KW; another is BK series, the power is 39KW and 52KW.


For the electric system boiler, it's equipped with the built-in circulation pump and the expansion vessel. It’s with one heating system, underfloor heating mode and radiators mode at optional. It can be co-operated with a hot water buffer tank or cylinder to provide hot water supply function. We have three series system boiler, BO series(the economic series), BM series and the BW series. We can make the power from 5KW to 26KW.

For the electric combi boiler, it’s also equipped with the built-in circulation pump and the expansion vessel. It’s with two heating system, one is for room heating and other is for hot water supply function.

Even the product size is bigger,but can save space.Because the combi boiler can be with dual function without be coupled with hot water buffer tank or cylinder.We have three series system boiler,BO-E series(the economic series),BM-E series and the BW-E series.We can make the power from 13KW to 26KW.


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