What are the advantages of an electric boiler?

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Update time : 2022-03-28 18:04:21

· Economical : Allowing a considerable saving because of its low acquisition and installation cost, compared to an oil-fueled boiler or a propane butane solution. 

· Innovative : The system retains a high efficiency thanks to the good insulation of its components and power, regardless of the outside temperature.

· Simple : Annual maintenance is not mandatory, reliability is guaranteed, and troubleshooting is extremely simple. Note that there is no dusting necessary.

· Ergonomic  : Aesthetics, they are also one of the most compact systems that exist (especially for the wall-mounted boiler). Its small dimensions facilitate its installation.

· Discreet  : Its noise is close to none, it emits no gas emanation, no release of CO2 as there is no combustion.

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