Wholesale Electric Boiler System products introduce the relevant knowledge of electric boiler water level

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Update time : 2021-11-01 11:49:00

In order to ensure safe and energy-saving use of electric boilers in daily use, it is necessary to check the components at intervals. The equipment in the electric boiler room varies with the type and volume of the electric boiler. Follow the Editor of Wholesale Electric Boiler System products to learn more about the water level of electric boilers!


1. Check the low position of the electric boiler glass tube water level gauge;
2. Open the water drain (at the bottom of the valve) to clean the glass.
3. Close the electric boiler to drain the cork and open the low-position glass pipe valve. At this time, the water should flow out of the glass pipe directly. If the electric boiler water does not come back quickly, allow the lower valve to open and close the upper valve. Then open the drain cock. Allow the water to flow out until clear water comes out. At this time, close the drain valve of the electric boiler, and close the low-position glass valve. If the water level disappears from the Boray tube, blow the Boray tube back to see if the water returns. If it does not appear, stop the boiler directly. Cool down the electric boiler, and then add water to display an increase.
The above is the introduction of Wholesale Electric Boiler System products editor: a brief introduction to the knowledge of electric boiler water level.

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