Wholesale Electric open vented boiler products tells about: the cause of the electric boiler tube burst?

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Update time : 2022-01-10 14:42:45

An electric boiler is a boiler equipment that uses electricity as an energy source and converts it into heat energy, and then outputs steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier with a certain amount of heat energy through the boiler conversion. The electric boiler body is mainly composed of electric boiler steel shell, computer control system, low-voltage electrical system, electric heating pipe, water inlet and outlet pipes and detection instruments. There are three heating methods for electric boilers: electromagnetic induction heating and resistance (electric heating tube) PTC ceramic semiconductor heating methods. Resistance heating methods are divided into stainless steel heating tube electric boilers and ceramic heating tube electric boilers. The resistance heating method uses resistance heating. Tubular electric heating elements are used for heating, and only oxide semiconductor ceramic chips are used in the semiconductor type, and the water and electricity are completely separated. So do you know the cause of the tube burst in the electric boiler? Follow the Wholesale Electric open vented boiler products editor to have a simple look!

1. During the use of the heating tube, the voltage is unstable. If the voltage increases and the current increases, the heating tube will break down.
2. Dehydration during the use of the heating tube will also cause the heating tube to breakdown;
3. The failure of the temperature control system will also cause the breakdown of the heating tube;
4. Scaling on the surface of the heating tube will reach a certain endurance, and poor heat dissipation will also cause the heating tube to breakdown;
The above is an introduction by the editor of Wholesale Electric open vented boiler products: an introduction to the causes of tube bursts in electric boilers.

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